NOTE FROM MIKKI: Hi! Thanks for being here! As you’re reading, you might notice that some of the links are missing. Well, that’s because this is a baby little site, and I’m still working on getting the content up. Thanks for your patience as I get this together!

Are you having one of those weeks? Or months? Or years? You know, the ones where the dishes stay in the sink too long, the laundry stays unfolded, you forget to call your mother, you make peanut butter and jelly for lunch every single day, and your check engine light has been on for three days, but you double-booked yourself twice this week, so it’s all just going to have to wait? You feel dazed, frazzled, out-of-control, and tired. You want more.

We’ve all been there.

Friend, it doesn’t have to be this way. And, I think you’re here because, at some level, you know that, but you’re not quite sure how to get OUT of the mess. I’m here to tell you: finding your best life doesn’t have to be complicated. I created the Sparkle Philosophy to be a no-nonsense, easy-to-use framework to help you uncover your better life, because it’s there, honey. Your Sparkle is waiting for you. I’ll help you find it.

Read on for more information on the Seven Truths of the Sparkle Philosophy. Conveniently, Sparkle is an acronym for the Truths, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember all Seven. See, I told you I would make this easy for you. 😉

Sparkle on!

PS – You can read more about me over on the About page. 🙂

A wooden door set into a wall that is painted bright pink and white. A brick road runs in front of the building.
Unlock the door to a better life with the Sparkle Philosphy’s Seven Truths!

The Seven Truths


In almost all areas of life, less is more. Eliminating the non-essential in life gives you MORE – more time, more peace, more financial freedom. Click here to read more about how to simplify your life.


Embracing positivity isn’t always easy, but the more we work on developing a positive mindset, the better we become at seeing the good! Get more info on the importance of developing a positive mental attitude, and some easy ways to do it, here.


Accepting, supporting, and loving who you truly are, at your very core, is a long process of discovery and self-reflection. It’s hard work, but it’s also deeply rewarding and can significantly improve your quality of life. How do you find your authentic self? Why should you? Dive in here.

Ritualization + Routine

In today’s world, many people lack meaningful rituals or routines in their life. Rituals ground us – they provide connection to something bigger than ourselves, and cultivate a sense of stability, continuity, and belonging. Learn more about why and how you can establish more rituals in your life here.


Kindness is a skill that can be developed each and every day. When we learn how to be more kind to our brain, to our bodies, and to our souls, we are better able to be kind and care for other beings and for Mother Earth. Take a look at some of my thoughts on kindness here.


Lifelong learning can help us to improve skills, spark personal growth, and inspire us to try new things. However, a thirst for knowledge doesn’t need to be limited to “practical” endeavors! Discovering and embracing your true PASSIONS – whether it be Dungeons and Dragons, running for political office, or creating the perfect apple tart – will bring you joy and fulfillment. Read more about learning + developing your passions here.


When we engage in our lives and in our communities, we feel more connected to everything around us – including ourselves. If you struggle to engage, jump over to these musings on why it’s important and how you can increase your levels of engagement.